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Lori Marchak, LCPC, LMFT

I’m glad you found me. 
Life, and especially relationships, can be hard. I’m here to provide a sanctuary. A safe space where you are seen, heard, and cared for. I’d be delighted to help you make sense of what’s not working, and find your way to healing and resolution. 
I offer intensive therapeutic journeys, designed to help you get unstuck quickly. I work in Bozeman, Montana, and work via video consultation with people across the state of Montana. People from out of state travel to Bozeman to engage my services. If you are interested in my intensive therapy experience for yourself or your relationship, please contact me for a free ½ hour consultation. 

Our Services

Couples |  Individuals  |  Therapist Trainings

Couples Therapy Intensives

From disconnection and suffering, to understanding and resolution

Couple Intensives include 15 hours of expert counseling over a span of three days. Intensive therapy helps move couples out of disconnection, suffering, and loss and into connection, compassion, and hope. Working intensively allows us to continue to expand and deepen the therapeutic experience hour by hour, in a focused, concentrated way that creates breakthroughs in understanding, acceptance, and resolution.

Individual Therapy Intensives

Hope and healing for those who feel helpless or stuck

Individual Intensives include 15 hours of expert counseling over three days. For those in need of deep healing and focused guidance, this effective therapy model offers a safe environment to dig deep, release the burdens of unhealthy patterns and old wounds, and begin to heal.

Couples Workshops

Deepen, heal, and strengthen your relationship

Couples Workshops are an alternative or addition to weekly couple therapy. Couples Workshops are a fun, supportive, and eye-opening way to understand and shift the negative patterns couples experience, almost universally.

Therapist Trainings

A guided journey for therapists that challenges and empowers us

Therapist Trainings provide a guided journey to new ways of seeing and working with our clients, in a format that challenges and empowers us to re-envision our own selves and relationships. Mastering the art of therapy is a lifelong journey. We facilitate learning experiences to encourage and support therapists on this journey.

The Difference

Experience | Approach | Compassion

Intensive Therapy Services

  • For those who feel emotionally overwhelmed, shut down, or lost, our focused approach helps people dig so much deeper — and experience greater healing — than with traditional psychotherapy services.
  • Accomplish ~6 months of psychotherapy in 3 days

Master Level Therapy

  • As a therapist, workshop leader, training provider, and teacher, Lori Marchak draws from many thousands of hours of individual and couple counseling, group experiences, and continued education.
  • She offers unique insights based on fluency in powerful, proven therapy methods, practiced wisdom, and intuitive understanding.

Powerful Proven Methods

  • Lori Marchak’s leadership and vision have helped establish both Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) as the go-to models in the state of Montana.
  • She has developed a model that integrates EFT and IFS, which allows for more powerful healing experiences and greater flexibility in approach for both individuals and couples.