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Couples Intensive Therapy - Trusted Journeys

Couples Therapy Intensives

Couples Therapy Intensives

Shift negative patterns as you experience the freedom of true intimacy

Master therapist, teacher, and guide Lori Marchak guides clients in intensive therapy sessions to safety and healing while experiencing being deeply seen, understood, and supported.

Intensive therapy helps to repair past emotional injuries that time alone cannot heal.

Couples Therapy Intensives include 15 hours of expert counseling over three days. Intensive therapy helps move couples out of disconnection, suffering, and loss, and into connection, compassion, and hope. This approach can accomplish in just a few days what typically takes months of couples counseling.

  • Intensive model focuses on depth over breadth, concentrating on improving an issue and underlying causes in a short timeframe.
  • Address the crisis, begin the healing process and build the relationship you both deserve, or decide to move on separately, with mutual respect, support, and understanding.
  • Feel seen as individuals and safe as partners
  • Gain relief from pain, conflict, or loneliness and reestablish love, connection, and trust

“I can dance with fire, and I can dance with ice — I see the beauty in both energies, and teach you to see the beauty for yourself.”

 —  Lori Marchak

Is Intensive Therapy the right choice?

heal wounds and unburden hearts

Whether you’re confused, hopeless, or in the midst of a storm, Lori’s approach is an antidote to the stories and self-protection that keep us stuck. Trusted Journeys is an invitation to find the wholehearted, empowered selves and relationship we deserve. Here, couples can find safe shelter, a respite from challenging internal or external circumstances.

Is Intensive Therapy Right for You?

When traditional once-a-week therapy models are too little or too late, or when you and your partner want relief quickly, an intensive provides a successful and meaningful path to individual and relationship clarity and connection. This format creates opportunities to focus on issues and dive deep, while providing emotional support and professional guidance throughout the experience. Ideal for complex problems or relationships in crisis, intensives offer a proven 70-90% success rate.

Intensive Therapy can help if you...
  • Need relief from conflict, pain, or loneliness in your relationship
  • Want to reestablish respect, love, and trust
  • Are in a relationship crisis
  • Want to work together to heal one or both partners’ suffering
What to Expect
  • Intensives are typically scheduled Monday through Wednesday, or Friday evening through Sunday, with three four-to-seven-hour sessions held once per day.
    • A typical schedule: Day 1 (4 hours): Introductions and overview; Hour-long individual sessions; First couple session.
    • Day 2 (7 hours): Morning and afternoon couple sessions, with 10-minute breaks as needed, separated by a long lunch break in the middle of the day.
    • Day 3 (4 hours): Couple sessions with 10 minute breaks, as needed.
  • Intensives are based in the Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) model, which is evidence-based and shown to bring significant improvement to up to 90% of couples.
  • The sessions also draw from the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, for a uniquely effective combined approach.
Couples Intensive may not be for you if...

A couple intensive is not likely to be helpful when there are significant, active struggles with addictions; untreated post-traumatic stress; psychosis; threats of suicide; or danger to harm others.

In these cases, please call Lori for a consultation. An individual intensive may be appropriate as an entry to couples work.

Get Started

The first step is to connect with Lori and schedule a 30 minute consultation.