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Dive deeper into the world of Better Together, a model that integrates EFT, IFS, and PSIP


I work in a new and emergent way that has developed along my journey to be a more powerful healer and find healing for myself. I’ve named my approach Better Together, as it supports me to have secure relationships with divergent models, scientific research, and personal experience. Better Together primarily derives from three experiential models: EFT, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP).

Learning is an Adventurous Journey

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Upcoming Trainings

Learning is an Adventure. It helps to have a map.

Better Together: Next training coming February 2025

An EXPERIENTIAL workshop on integrating complementary experiential models, eft, ifS, and PSIP

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February 8-11, 2024, IslandWood, Bainbridge Island, Washington and Sunday afternoon, February 4, 2024, Online

Lori Marchak, ICEEFT Supervisor and Certified IFS Therapist, with Jenny Fiebig, IFS Assistant Trainer

EFT and IFS are complementary rather than competing models of psychotherapy, each with their own uniquely powerful insights and methods to share. This workshop will clarify and celebrate the different therapist stances articulated in the models, and a conceptual and experiential framework for weaving them together.