Professional Therapy Trainings

Professional Therapy Trainings


Our Therapist Trainings offer professionals the opportunity to evolve their approach to serving clients through powerful learning experiences, with proven, experiential, and radically non-pathologizing models of growth and healing.

Learn from the expertise of Lori Marchak and invited teachers to help your clients reprocess negative emotions, reshape relationship and behavior patterns, and foster a stronger sense of self.

Learning is an Adventurous Journey

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Learning is an Adventure. It helps to have a map.

EFT and IFS: Better Together

An EXPERIENTIAL workshop on integrating complementary experiential models, eft and ifS

February 8-11, 2024, IslandWood, Bainbridge Island, Washington and Sunday afternoon, February 4, 2024, Online

Lori Marchak, ICEEFT Supervisor and Certified IFS Therapist, with Jenny Fiebig, IFS Assistant Trainer

EFT and IFS are complementary rather than competing models of psychotherapy, each with their own uniquely powerful insights and methods to share. This workshop will clarify and celebrate the different therapist stances articulated in the models, and a conceptual and experiential framework for weaving them together.