Individual Therapy Intensives

Individual Therapy Intensives

Once we begin the healing process, our vulnerability is our strength.

Master therapist, teacher, and guide Lori Marchak guides clients in intensive therapy sessions to safety and healing while experiencing being deeply seen, understood, and supported.

When you feel lost and far from who you want to be in life, Trusted Journeys is your solace.

Individual Therapy Intensives include 15 hours of expert counseling spread across three days. This effective therapy model offers a safe environment to address unsuccessful or self-defeating coping strategies, and the lifetime, even generations, of disappointments and trauma you may carry. Intensive therapy can accomplish in just a few days what typically takes months of couples counseling.

Intensive therapy helps to repair past emotional injuries that time alone cannot heal.

  • The intensive model is ideal for those who feel hopeless, helpless, or stuck and seek alternatives that offer more support than traditional weekly therapy.

  • Understand and find freedom from self-destructive or unsuccessful coping strategies.

  • Work through old wounds, trauma, or self-doubt, begin the healing process, and find the freedom you deserve.

“In an intensive session, we first begin to relax, becoming compassionate with ourselves and feeling safely seen. Then, we go deeper down, beginning to heal childhood or generational wounds that we carry… I want my clients to know that going further, in an intensive format versus just weekly one-hour meetings — that’s where the miraculous stuff is. I am here to help them through the hard work — and they won’t believe how good it is on the other side.”

 —  Lori Marchak

Is Intensive Therapy the right choice?


This format creates opportunities to focus on issues and dive deep, while providing emotional support and professional guidance throughout the experience.

Is Intensive Therapy Right for You?

When traditional therapy models don’t go deep enough, or you’re in a time of greater need, intensive therapy offers a successful and meaningful path to inner clarity, freedom, and confidence that creates positive ripples through all aspects of life, work, and relationships.

Intensive Therapy can help if you...

Intensive therapy can help if you:

  • Are facing treatment-resistant anxiety and depression
  • Are dealing with more than anyone should have to deal with
  • Haven’t seen benefits from therapy in the past
  • Feel confused — i.e., “why am I having such a hard time when my life looks great?”
  • Struggle with addiction, compulsions, or self-harm
What to Expect
  • Intensives are typically scheduled Monday through Wednesday, or Friday evening through Sunday, with three four-to-seven-hour sessions held once per day.
  • Lori Marchak expertly combines Emotionally Focused Therapy, which brings the positive impacts of attachment to the therapeutic relationship and client’s understanding of themselves and their relationships, and Internal Family Systems, which helps us to be our true selves as we explore and heal our inner world. Integrating these models creates a more powerful healing experience and more flexibility in approach for individuals in need of transformation.

Get Started

The first step is to connect with Lori and schedule a 30 minute consultation.