Meet Lori

Meet Lori Marchak


Lori Marchak is the Founder and Clinical Director of Trusted Journeys. She supports individuals and couples through the deep and powerful journey of achieving profound transformation through inner healing. She also leads and organizes professional development workshops for therapists.

She is an expert in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an ICEEFT Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor, a founding member of Montana EFT, and a community leader in the development and training of effective couple therapy. Lori is certified in Internal Family Systems, which deepens her work with individuals and couples.

As therapist, workshop leader, training provider, and teacher, Lori Marchak draws from many thousands of hours of individual and couple counseling, group experiences, and continued education. She has personally worked with nearly a thousand couples and individuals, and much larger numbers indirectly through her work training and supervising other professionals. She offers unique insights based on fluency in powerful, proven methods of therapy, practiced wisdom, and intuitive understanding.

Trained as both a scientist and a therapist, Lori appreciates and remains grounded in scientific breakthroughs and research, including polyvagal theory, attachment theory, therapeutic outcome, and therapeutic process studies. Lori has also studied under spiritual healers from Lutheran Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Indigenous, and Shamanic traditions. Her ancestral roots travel through Lutheran ministers to Norse Shaman

Lori Marchak is known for her natural, warm, and soft style combined with her sharp ability to see, feel, and guide her clients deeply beneath the surface of their everyday experience.

Lori moved to Bozeman with her family in 1998 and completed a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling at Montana State University in 2000. Before moving to Montana, she earned a PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Minnesota and had a cutting-edge career in high tech development. She initially went into counseling to become a better wife and mother, but discovered her gift for understanding how to help others. “My clients have taught me so much about the human psyche and spirit, and have always inspired me to learn more to better serve them.”

Lori co-leads couples workshops with her romantic partner. In her personal life, she enjoys nature, hiking, and snowshoeing, attending cultural events, dancing, singing, and connecting with her children and her partner. Creative to her core, she sang for nearly a decade with the Bozeman Symphony before deciding to focus on dancing. Lori and Tony met in a tango class before building their dream home in the Bridger Mountains, and love diving into projects as they continue to settle in and restore and nurture the land.

Lori continues to study with the world’s leading therapists and healers to continually bring new wisdom and skill to her clients and community.

“My vision is to empower a world in which we can all be seen, loved, and free to love wholeheartedly.”

— Lori Marchak, LCPC, LMFT