Upcoming Opportunities to Learn EFT


Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleagues, is largely responsible for transforming the field of couple therapy over the past 30 years. Without EFT training, couple therapy is often ineffective. With EFT, couple therapy has become a powerful method of treating both relationship distress and personal mental health issues. 

No longer known as just a model for couple therapy, EFT is growing in recognition and popularity for its power and elegance in working with families and individuals. EFT is supported by a large body of research, and is rapidly expanding worldwide under the stewardship of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT).

EFT is both a systemic and deeply experiential model, leveraging the science of attachment and power of emotion. EFT brings the active dynamics between and within individual people to light, empowering people to see, validate and appreciate their reactive coping strategies. EFT focuses on the attachment longings and fears — the emotions — beneath the presenting content and coping strategies. With EFT, clients have the experience of being deeply seen, felt, and held. Clients grow to give themselves and each other that same sense of security. EFT deescalates negative patterns between and within. When safety has been established, EFT goes deeper to heal relationship wounds and transform negative views of self and other. 

Learning EFT is often challenging and transformational for therapists. Therapists often are challenged to grow within themselves as they: 

  • Become more deeply attuned and emotionally close to clients.
  • Trust and more clearly see the strength and validity of client’s attachment strategies.
  • Work from a felt sense of emotional security and connection rather than a from place of doing something to or for the client.
  • Guide, while trusting clients to lead.
  • Provide safety for clients to walk in ever deeper, more intimate waters, a level of depth greater than most therapists have previously experienced.
  • Respond to new levels of self-awareness and want to increase the security of their own personal relationships.

Don’t miss these upcoming opportunities to learn EFT in Montana. Ryan Rana, an extraordinary trainer from Arkansas, will be live in Missoula on September 21-24, 2022 giving an official 4-Day Externship, the official step to becoming an EFT therapist. Go here for information and registration.

For those who want a less intensive exposure to EFT, can’t make the externship, or who want to get started right away, attend a two-day Introduction to EFT workshop with Lori Marchak. Lori is an ICEEFT Therapist and Supervisor, founding member of Montana EFT, and provider of intensive EFT therapy for couples, individuals, and families. Lori will be presenting her acclaimed introductory workshop live in Missoula on April 15-16, 2022 and live in Billings on April 29-30, 2022. Go here for information and registration.