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EFT and IFS: Healing Together

EFT and IFS: Healing Together

With ICEEFT SUPERVISOR and certified ifs therapist LORI MARCHAK

Two-Day Experiential Workshop, July 15-16, 2023 at Boulder Hot Springs, Boulder, Montana

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This workshop presents and explores an integrated model of EFT and IFS that can bring more flexibly, power, and effectiveness to our work with clients. EFT and IFS are complementary rather than competitive models of psychotherapy. Each brings a uniquely powerful perspective to the world of therapy.
In this two day workshop, we review the models’ commonalities and differences, clarifying where the models differ only in terminology, and where they diverge conceptually. We heighten the contrast in therapist stances between the two models, and present a model that allows therapists to flow back and forth between these stances in a flexible manner depending on client and therapist factors.

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Benefits of attending this event:

  • If you love EFT and IFS, gain confidence in embracing and integrating both models.
  • Gain a solid, high-level understanding of two popular and powerful experiential therapists.
  • Experience improving your IFS work with the EFT lens.
  • Experience improving your EFT work with the IFS lens.
  • Have a place to bring questions and stuck points in your work with EFT and IFS.
  • Earn CEUs.
Workshop Overview

In this workshop, you will:

  • Identify the key similarities and differences between EFT and IFS.

  • Differentiate IFS and EFT therapist stances, and understand the advantages of each stance.

  • Discuss tools to assess the potential advantages of moving to IFS parts work in the EFT Tango.

  • Analyze contraindications of moving to IFS parts work

  • Practice “attachifying” protector fears, when doing IFS parts work.

  • Review the benefits and assess the potential risks of unburdening exiles in Stage 1 of EFT.

  • Identify how to guide transitioning from internal parts work to EFT enactments

  • Explain the differences in doing IFS parts work in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of EFT

  • Describe an informed assessment about when to work with the couple vs. the individual(s) in doing EFT, IFS, or EFT/IFS

Meet Lori

Lori Marchak, MS, Ph.D, LMFT, LCPC


Lori is an ICEEFT therapist, supervisor, and Certified IFS Therapist. She has been instrumental in bringing both EFT and IFS to the State of Montana. Lori has trained for over a decade in EFT, hosting all major EFT trainings in Montana since 2012, and traveling extensively to seek additional learning. Lori is a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional mental health counselor in Montana and a co-founder of the Montana Community for EFT. More information about this community and can be found at www.montanaeft.com.

Learning is an Adventure. It helps to have a map.

Workshop Participant

Having taken all the EFT required trainings for certification; Externship, Cores I & II, Self AS Therapist, the supervisory hours to be qualified as “Advanced” as well as EFT Lab II, about 6 months of EFT Cafe, an in person two-day training with Les Greenberg on EFS, a workshop with David Schwartz and IFS workshops in person and on line, I learned so much from Lori’s day long workshop on synthesizing and integrating IFS & EFT. In my experience, EFT trainers rarely mention other modalities and seems to advocate ONLY the EFT script so if one wants to add other modalities, it is either actively discouraged or ignored. I believe the EFT “map” and staying on track is usually very useful. This perspective is the one which has been validated with data from Susan Johnson research and it may be more effective than incorporating other modalities but I have not seen data comparing strict EFT with data using EFT and IFS. There are times when I believe it is useful to incorporate IFS with EFT or to shift to IFS. Lori clearly demonstrated doing just that and clarified how to determine which modality might be more effective depending on the position of the client and the therapist. She made the “Tango” much more explicit and helped me filter the variables which indicate where the work is needs to be deepened in the “Tango.”

Workshop Participant

I was fortunate to attend this workshop integrating EFT and IFS. I was awed by the clinical mastery Lori possessed in her demonstrations and didactic materials. I was confident I was in the presence of a clinician who was always present to the moment and people before her. She clearly was knowledgeable about both therapeutic models and able to speak to both fluently.

Workshop Participant

Superb material – integrating two rather large theories into one. Both EFT and IFS have their strengths and together they are even more powerful. Dr. Marchak has blended the two and neither detracts from the other.

Workshop Participant

Lori Marchak is a brilliant woman with a gentle spirit. She exudes an aura of safety and confidence that makes it comfortable for anyone to be her client! I would not hesitate to refer anyone to see Dr. Marchak for individual, couple, or group counseling. And I’d refer any EFT-er or any IFS-er to attend her workshop.