Up Your Game: Boost Your Skills and Moves in EFT

Up Your Game: Boost Your Skills and Moves in EFT

With ICEEFT Trainer Roy Hodgson, Seattle Center for EFT and lori marchak, ICEEFT Supervisor, Trusted journeys, Inc.

Friday-Saturday, April 23-24, 2021

This Master Class is designed specifically for Post-Core Skills EFT Therapists who sense they could work more efficiently and skillfully with their couples. For therapists who want to achieve a deeper therapeutic alliance with challenging couples, and more rapid progress through de-escalation and healing. This training focuses on the stuck places we most commonly see among EFT therapists who have completed EFT Core Skills trainings.

In this weekend, you will learn to:

  • Quickly grasp and frame the presenting attachment dilemmas
  • Deepen the alliance and level of work done in each session
  • Leverage the power of secondary reactions, including anger, numbing, and intellectualizing
  • Differentiate between vulnerable emotions in Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • Develop confidence working with vulnerable emotions, and when and how to move into Stage 2

In this training, Roy and Lori share their own struggles and successes with clarity, humor, and warmth. They’ll share example after example of secure and insecure attachment, and will structure focused, micro skill exercises to allow participants to deepen and celebrate their own relationship with EFT.  

You will see a variety of videotaped and role-play examples of the moves needed at different points in therapy. We will provide you with experiential exercises that enhance the skills needed to go beyond common stuck places. We will also explore self-of-therapist elements that help to unblock stuck places and enhance deepening.

We are prepared to deliver this training on-line in an engaging, connecting, and experiential way that mimics the power of meeting in person.  


More Details

Benefits of attending this EFT Master Class:

  • Take your EFT skills to the next level in building therapeutic alliance, getting couples to cycle de-escalation, and moving them into deeper healing.
  • Find more compassion and acceptance for your clients and yourself
  • Develop confidence to take charge of the session in a way that invites clients come with you to deeper, more effective places
  • Form, renew and deepen your professional connections.
  • Earn 12 CEUs for mental health professionals.
Meet Roy

Roy Hodgson, MA, LMFT, LMHC

Roy Hodgson is an ICEEFT trainer and supervisor. He has been involved in EFT trainings throughout the US, most recently doing a joint master class with Susan Johnson, Ed.D. Roy trained for over a decade in EFT, including a year of teleconferences with Susan Johnson. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a licensed mental health counselor in Seattle, and a certified counselor with the National Board of Certified Counselors. He has been a guest lecturer and instructor at Antioch University’s couples and family therapy program. Roy was the Washington Association of Marriage and Family Therapy  2014 supervisor of the year. He founded the Seattle Community for EFT. More information about the community and Roy can be found at www.seattleeft.com.


Meet Lori

Lori Marchak, MS, Ph.D, LMFT, LPCP


is an ICEEFT therapist, supervisor, and Certified IFS Therapist. She has been instrumental in bringing both EFT and IFS to the State of Montana. Lori has trained for over a decade in EFT, hosting all major EFT trainings in Montana since 2012, and going out of state for an extensive list of trainings Lori is a licensed marriage and family therapist and professional mental health counselor in Montana. Lori is a co-founder of the Montana Community for EFT. More information about this community and can be found at www.montanaeft.com.

Pricing, Payment, Location

Mental Health Professionals

$399 – Before April 1, 2021
$450 – After April 1, 2021

This training is open only to mental health professionals who have completed Core Skills trainings. On completion, 12 CEU’s are awarded to mental health professionals. Your registration will be confirmed when payment is received. Pay by credit card or PayPal below.

This training is developed to maximize the possibilities in meeting on-line.

Learning is Adventure

Steve Bordelon

The preparation was excellent. The flow of the workshop was great. The role plays were set up very well for targeted practice of a particular skill. The presenters were courageous in their leadership and their vulnerability.

Definitely take this training. It is one of the best I’ve attended. The emphasis on the attachment frame as crucial to de-escalation is very helpful. Also, there excellent exercises on maintaining control of a session with the use of EFT interventions. Very powerful stage 2 role plays!

Cathy Cosentino

It is never easy to sit for hours—yet this class flew by! You provided a mix of video, instruction and small groups—all aided in comprehending the subject. We never had time to get bored! Lori and Roy know this stuff! Amazing instructors—able to convey the material comprehensively. Material was a great supplement and even standed alone. Need more!! So helpful, sorry it ended.

Warren Michelson, LCSW, Missoula

This “master class” is beneficial both in understanding the theoretical model AND in becoming more confident & capable of using EFT principles in sessions. Worth the time, commitment and $$!!!

Erin Adams-Griffin

So incredibly well-done, informative, wealth of expertise, exquisitely prepared, innovative (especially with Zoom platform!). I would not hesitate to take it worth the time and money! It was excellent format that helped me integrate more of the model and improve my skills.

Emery Jones

I would not hesitate to take it worth the time and money! It was excellent format that helped me integrate more of the model and improve my skills. Loved the format of reviewing very specific problems common at specific points in the process. The see it do it experience really works!

Sign Up/Register

As an training participant I affirm that I have training and educational qualifications to practice legally as a professional mental health practitioner or am currently in a formal training to be a professional mental health practitioner. I also agree to abide by a mental health professional code of ethics. I will follow legal confidentiality requirements regarding all client and participant information shared in the training. I understand that certification in EFT is offered by the ICEEFT based on completion of all requirements and demonstrated competence in the model. Completion of training does not guarantee competence or certification. Enrollment in this training constitutes an agreement to hold harmless Trusted Journeys, Inc. and all presenters and trainers from any and all claims, actions, and judgements, including all costs of defense and attorney’s fees incurred in defending against claims.
Tuition may be transferred to another colleague by contacting Lori Marchak at trustedjourneys@gmail.com. Refunds are available, less an administrative fee, up to one month before the externship. Five months or more before the training the fee is 20%. Four months up to one month before the training the fee is 40%. No refunds are available within a month of the training.